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— by William Powell: Buy your ticket today for a rich palette of cultural and political satire. Olney Theatre Center’s Tiger Style! is the best stage comedy I’ve seen in 2019.

Directed by Natsu Onoda Power, a major theme in this satirical show is how parenting affects children. Playwright Mike Lew wrote Tiger Style! as a partial response to the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” by law professor Amy Chua. Chua’s book chronicles the strict upbringing – endless hours of academic rigor and piano playing – she inflicted upon her daughters Sophia and Lulu.

It is refreshing that Tiger Style! does not paint minorities as objectified victims, (what Japanese-American culture critic Rob Buscher has called ‘poverty-porn’ stories). Instead, as Olney Theatre Center’s Artistic Director Jason Loewith points out in the program, the stories in Tiger Style! “are familiar to anyone in the audience: children rebelling against (and returning to) their parents, sibling rivalry, the search for self and inner worth.” …

Image: Regina Aquino and Sean Sekino in ‘Tiger Style!’ Photo by Teresa Castracane Photography

July 22, 2019