What is Indian-Chinese food? An in-depth history of a unique hybrid cuisine — The National

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— by Tania Bhattacharya: The salted fish fried rice is a simple dish, but the flavour and smell can take your breath away – quite literally. A Cantonese speciality, the cured flesh is chopped up into tiny pieces, lightly fried, then added to rice, which could have a medley of other ingredients in it, from chicken to pork and beef to seafood, depending on location and religious dietary requirements. It can be repulsive because of the acrid smell of the fish, but in Mumbai’s Ling’s Pavilion, this unassuming dish, pepped up with a generous dose of chilli oil, is an unforgettable explosion on the palate. It’s the closest to an authentic Chinese dish you can get in India…

Image: fried wasabi prawns, dry red pepper fish, dry chilli chicken, mixed chow mien noodles and steamed chicken dumplings, served at Imperial Dragon restaurant in Mankhool. R0eem Mohammed / The National

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