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— by Ethan Sapienza: The Farewell is a quiet, powerful contemplation on the intersection of family and cultural differences, intergenerational strife, impending mortality, and how to properly say goodbye to someone you love. Amidst all of this headiness is Nora Lum–maybe you know of her as the rambunctious, smack-talking rapper and actress Awkwafina–whose moving performance as a heartsick granddaughter gives the film’s existential quandaries real grounding. She plays Billi, an American child of Chinese immigrants, who wants to let her grandmother know she has cancer on a visit to China, while the rest of her family adamantly refuses to inform her of her diagnosis. The film is based on “an actual lie,” or rather, writer-director Lulu Wang’s own experience coping with her grandmother’s terminal illness—and the sham wedding that ensued. In light of all this existential dread, Interview asked Lum to plan for her own eventual farewell by describing her ideal funeral. She chose to go out with a bang, complete with Henny Coladas, Steve Buscemi, and of course, Awkwafina merch…

Image courtesy of Casi Moss/A24.

July 10, 2019

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