Time-Lapse by Amin Taasha, Richard Koh Fine Art, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur — until July 13, 2019

— by Terence Toh: Look through the art of Indonesian-based Afghanistan artist Amin Taasha, and it sometimes feels like you’re stepping into an elaborate fairytale.

His art is full of mesmerising images and moodscapes, textured poetically with angels and statues to crows and horses.

Take a few minutes to examine Amin’s works, there are deep undercurrents – be it ancient Greek references or Buddhist thinking – when it comes to his themes and artistic sensibilities.

He enjoys working with symbols and metaphors, using his art to speak out for what he is passionate about: the stories of his homeland…

Image: ‘Melting Through Time (2019), by Amin Taasha, watercolour, acrylic, ink, gold and silver on paper, courtesy of Richard Koh Fine Art

July 10, 2019