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— by Rikar Hussein, Asim Kashgarian: Walking across the streets of London on a sunny morning, Aziz Isa Elkun is holding his little daughter’s hand and talking to her about what it is like to be a bird.

At first, it may seem like an ordinary scene of a father chatting with his daughter as he takes her to school, but the conversation soon alters to show how it feels for thousands of Uighurs who are unable to “fly freely” and return to their homeland of Xinjiang in northwestern China.

“Look, my daughter, look at the birds,” the filmmaker tells his daughter in “An Unanswered Telephone Call,” a short film based on his life story. “They fly freely above the trees; they don’t know borders. At the moment, if I become a bird right now, I would fly straight off to my homeland.” …

Image: Aziz Isa Elkun walks with his daughter in London, in “An Unanswered Telephone Call,” courtesy of Aziz Isa Elkun

July 3, 2019