The Chef Who Gave Up Serving Presidents to Bring Dim Sum to the People — RADII

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— by Robert Palmer: Chinese Takeout is a bite-sized, bi-weekly RADII feature that examines Chinese food from the inside out, by disentangling the (hi)stories behind a single dish or restaurant. Write to us if you have a suggestion or submission.

While unquestionably different from the dumplings in northern China, Guangzhou’s small bundles of wrapped, savory goodness are equally as delicious and celebrated by culinary cosmonauts around the world. Perhaps best known among its dumpling varieties is xiajiao (虾饺), otherwise referred to as har gow in Cantonese.

For readers that have never tried xiajiao before, these southern dumplings are set apart by their thin, nearly-translucent wrapping, which allows you to see the shrimp pieces that make up the dumplings’ insides…

July 4, 2019

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