Korea’s hot Hip-hop duo Woo & Gray on inspirations and collaborations — MTV Asia

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— by Daniel Peters: A rapper is nothing without their producer, at least on record. In the studio, spitting rhymes means little when you have no beat to work with. And, in our SoundCloud, beat-per-dollar era, it’s easier than ever to procure beats to fuel your stories. But for a rapper to find the ideal, almost magical, kind of chemistry in a producer is a rare occurrence. 

From 21 Savage fleshing out his tales of violent decadence alongside Metro Boomin’s menacing beats, to Kenny Beats unleashing the fiercest energies out of Rico Nasty, the symbiotic relationship between rapper and producer creates the kind of hip hop music that pushes the culture forward. 

Woo Won Jae, commonly known simply as Woo, has that with Gray. Their monosyllabic monikers might as well be an indicator of their work ethic and output: sharp, precise and attuned to the culture at large. Their latest collaboration ‘호불호’ represents just how efficient and talented they are when put together in the studio. And their special guest appearance in episode 1 of Yo! MTV Raps kicked off our hip hop celebration with a bang…

Image courtesy of All Is Amazing

July 4, 2019


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