Ryse Hotel is an alluring exhibit of Seoul — Prestige

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— by Diandra Soliano: The heart and Seoul of South Korea is its capital city, pulsating with energy that sends rushes to the rest of the world one k-pop beat at a time. Known as the Korean wave, the global phenomenon is South Korea’s big export of pop culture, entertainment, music, and film. To dance in Gangnam, dress in traditional costume for a day walking around old palaces, or spend late nights grilling meat for supper, is to immerse yourself in the Korean experience. It’s the sense of the people and a way of life that captures you.

On a recent trip to Korea, we checked into Ryse Hotel, a hotel that’s won accolades in just its first year standing. And the reality of business travel is that you don’t spend as much time as you’d please outside your hotel – to be in the actual destination. Ryse, as it fortunately turned out, is Seoul within four walls…

July 2, 2019

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