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— by Liz Ohanesian: DJ-producer Taku Takahashi was born, raised, and still resides in Japan, but he spent three years in Los Angeles for college. “I’m taking semesters off—for, like, 20 years,” he says with a laugh during a recent phone call. He was a student here in the ’90s when West Coast hip-hop was big, but he has a confession to make: “I love East Coast rap,” he says. A Tribe Called Quest is a favorite; then again, so is L.A.-reared the Pharcyde. Ultimately, it was a lot of American hip-hop, U.S. and British pop, plus Japanese dance music artists like Pizzicato Five and Towa Tei that made an impact on Takahashi in his formative years…

Image: m-flo, courtesy of Otaquest

July 2, 2019