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— by Vangmayi Parakala: In Bahasa Indonesia, the saying “makan ngga makan asal kumpul” refers to a gathering of family and friends, highlighting the importance of togetherness in Indonesia. The idea is to hang out and share whatever possible. Especially food.

It is this concept that Haryo Hutomo, an Indonesian trans-disciplinary artist with a recent focus on curatorial work, was mulling over for months. When he saw a call for submissions from the Korean Cultural Centre in India, he knew that this concept, through an exploration of Indonesia’s food industry, was a great way to present a broad picture of the country’s social, cultural, and political landscape overseas…

Image: Adi Sundoro’s tiled 18 x 4 feet long mural, Come Closer to the Sea, courtesy of the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi

June 24, 2019