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— by Brook Sabin: One of two things happened this morning.

I’ve either accidentally ingested a magic mushroom, or I’m actually about to walk into the mouth of a giant monster.

I’m in Tokyo. For a Kiwi used to a laid back way of life, this city is equally as overwhelming as it is intoxicating. Thirty-six million people go about their daily lives with a frantic precision that only the Japanese could pull off. 

And there I am in the middle of it all – in a district called Harajuku – renowned for its distinctive style of punk-meets-cute. Nowhere celebrates that more than the Kawaii Monster Cafe, where I’ve just walked down the tongue of “Mr Ten Thousand Chopsticks”, the monster on the wall that guards the cafe. What’s inside isn’t a shock to the senses, it’s an all-out assault…

Image courtesy of Stuff/Brook Sabin

June 7, 2019 — 08:58