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— by Pamela Reynolds: There are hundreds of little bundles of colorful cloth, a crazy quilt of texture and pattern, tied neatly with string and heaped along a 25-foot expanse of floor at the Pao Arts Center in Chinatown.

For Yu-Wen Wu — the Center’s current artist-in-residence — this mound of bundles, though colorful and even rakishly piquant, tells a much more complicated story than what is perceived at first glance. Each bundle, sometimes emblazoned with a note or message, is representative of the thousands of stories of women and children grappling with issues of immigration, resettlement and displacement, often due to war and famine…

Image: installation view of Yu-Wen Wu’s exhibition “Leavings/Belongings,” courtesy of the Pao Arts Center

June 5, 2019