Who is Madison Park? “Hindsight” on the Seoul based DJ making waves for Women in South Korea — Officially KMUSIC

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— by Allie Norado: In Seoul, one could easily say that the industry for DJ’s is predominantly male. Because of this, many female artists aspiring to produce, write, or DJ are easily discouraged into pursuing this career path for themselves, mainly because they can’t envision themselves in that role. Producer and DJ, Madison Park had music ingrained in her since she was a child, and now she’s making the most of that earned talent and paving paths for young women everywhere that want to pursue the same dream.

We asked how she defined herself and her music, “20-year-old music producer, pianist and a DJ based in Seoul, South Korea. My music doesn’t necessarily fit into the typical “EDM DJ” music since I love incorporating lots of different elements from different genres” she goes on to discuss her latest single, ‘better w/o you’, “ has an RnB and Pop influenced vocal, with a future bass drop, and a heavy melodic bass. Also, every time I start a new idea, I circle back to Piano first instead of jumping right into the production, thanks to my long history of classical piano training background.” …

Image courtesy of Officially KMUSIC

May 18, 2019

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