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— by D.J. Costantino: In his new series Broken Bread, the Los Angeles chef shines a light on the locals paving the way to a better food future

Chef Roy Choi is no stranger to making waves in the food world. When he hit the road with his Kogi Korean BBQ truck in late 2008, he effectively started the modern food truck business and turned Korean tacos into a nationwide trend. Multiple restaurants and a cookbook later, Choi is hoping to plant a flag in a different space: food TV. As the host of Broken Bread, a six-part docuseries created in partnership with KCET and Tastemade, he explores how food intersects with some of the most pressing problems facing the U.S. today, from sustainability to incarceration, through the lens of the city he knows best—Los Angeles…

Image: Roy Choi, the Los Angeles chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, and now TV host, courtesy of Emari Traffie

May 15, 2019