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— The Japanese translator of Persian children’s books, Kiko Aiko, has accompanied a group of trainers from Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) in a trip by bookmobile to learn more about the cultural activities of the organization.

The bookmobile went to Esmaeil Gerayeli Primary School in Khuzankola, a village located about 60 kilometers northwest of Tehran, on Sunday, the IIDCYA announced on Tuesday.

A number of IIDCYA staff members also accompanied Kiko during the trip, running a variety of cultural programs, including storytelling, poem reciting, games, reading and origami, for over 90 schoolchildren…

Image: Japanese translator of Persian children’s books Kiko Aiko is seen along with IIDCYA trainers and schoolchildren in the village of Khuzankola on May 12, 2019, courtesy of IIDCYA/Yunes Panahi

May 14, 2019