[Rolling Stone Review] ‘Shadow’: Swords, Doubles and Curiously Boring Bloodshed, Oh My!

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— by Dave Fear: It is a time of turmoil for “a great walled city” (any resemblance to China is completely not coincidental) in some undefined long-ago era. Three clans fight for control of the territory; two team up to defeat the third. Then a warrior for one of these last dynasties standing, the Yan, severely wounds the Commander (Deng Chao) of their rivals, the Pei. They now own the city. The Pei military higher-ups want war. Their king (Ryan Zheng), who is definitely paranoid and may or may not also be batshit crazy, would prefer the more diplomatic solution of marrying off his sister (Xiaotong Guan) to the young Yan prince (Lei Wu). Never mind that it’s the last thing she wants. There is power to consolidate. Sorry…

Image courtesy of Well Go USA

May 2, 2019 — 11:28 ET


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