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— by Karen Sims: Taiwanese food has been making waves in NYC with new, trendy restaurants like 886, Win Son, Ho Foods, and Zai Lai, but there aren’t any exclusively Taiwanese restaurants in Westchester. As someone born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan, by a Taiwanese mom and American dad, I’ve had less luck finding my favorite comfort foods in the county. But after some digging around, I’ve found some Chinese and/or Pan-Asian places that offer impressive Taiwanese specialties.

A mix between Chinese, Japanese, and other foreign influences, Taiwanese cuisine is best known for its street food, such as the now-ubiquitous bubble tea, popcorn chicken, and pork buns (gua bao). Travel a bit around the Westchester, and you’ll also find beef noodles, braised pork over rice (lu rou fan), cold sesame noodles, stir fried rice noodles (mi fen), “three cup” chicken (san bei ji), and even some Chinese-style pastries to pair with your bubble tea. Here’s where to find some of my favorites near you…

Image courtesy of Paul Chen/Mister Chen

May 2019