Fashion Icon Rei Kawakubo to Receive Isamu Noguchi Award: “I Am Not an Artist” — Architectural Digest

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— by Karin Nelson: Rei Kawakubo started her fashion brand Comme des Garçons 50 years ago as a way to create clothes that she—then, a restless stylist—had never seen before. That desire has since been her driving force and cross to bear. At 76, she is still the first to arrive at her Tokyo studio and the last to leave, “painfully,” as she has repeatedly described her design process, turning out immensely radical clothing. If you can even call it that. For ten seasons, beginning with her “Not Making Clothes” runway show for Spring 2014, she flipped conventional thinking completely on its head, showing purely abstract forms that were wholly independent from the human body. Describing them was an art in itself: “Many of her pieces lack sleeves, waistlines, necklines, or even fabric,” wrote The New York Times. “Monstrous shapes—literally, largely knitted monstrosities—enveloping the models with their oversize frames, knitted cages, and multiple arms,” offered Vogue…

Image courtesy of Comme des Garçons

April 30, 2019


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