My Asian American Story Is Shared By So Many — Yet, It’s Still Uniquely My Own — Bustle

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— by Amanda Chan: I’m the daughter of immigrant parents — they moved to the States from Hong Kong and Singapore for college before I was born — so I’ve always felt like I’ve had my feet planted firmly in both Chinese and American cultures. A lot of people might find my life experiences growing up pretty relatable, like being one of the only Asian kids in the whole elementary school class, or having to go to Chinese school on the weekend, or not growing up close to grandparents because they’re literally an ocean away. And that’s just talking about parts of my childhood! At its base, surface level, my story is shared by so many — and because of that, it’s also a source for community, one that I’m incredibly thankful for…

Image courtesy of Bustle

May 1, 2019


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