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— by Loong Wai Ting: The master puppeteer tosses a puppet into the air and lets it somersault out of the stage through a cutout hole on the makeshift stage, which is about the size of a wardrobe. He then sings at the top of his voice, while another character makes an appearance. This time it is a lady complete with curtained headgear.

As a first-timer to budaixi or Taiwanese glove puppetry, I am transfixed by the scene in front of me which unfolds like magic. With every clang of the cymbals and the beat of the drums backstage, the performance draws me in, from start to finish. It takes about 30 minutes (some can stretch to 90 minutes) but the skill could make a puppet master a lifetime to master…

Image courtesy of the New Strait Times

April 25, 2019 — 11:18