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Like their K-pop peers, NCT 127 are a phenomenon-upon-arrival during first night of North American arena tour

— by Andrea Marks: A wink, a smile, a dance break. A jacket on, a jacket off. There was nothing the Korean boy band NCT 127 did onstage that didn’t elicit a frenzy of screaming, jumping, hand-clasping and stomping. On Wednesday night, the group of nine kicked off their first North American arena tour. Though the band doesn’t have any singles on the U.S. charts and they sing as many lyrics in Korean as they do in English, NCT 127 were given the Beatles’ welcome in New Jersey. The fans seemed genuine, to say the least. When one of the members sat at a keyboard to open a song with a solo, one girl wearing a crop-top and jorts over fishnets shouted to her identically-dressed friend: “Don’t cry. You have glitter on.” If you’ve never been to a K-pop show before, that sentiment says it all…

Image courtesy of Rolling Stone

April 25, 2019 — 18:29 ET


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