Why Youtube viewers can’t get enough of ‘Mukbang’ — NZ Herald

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— We are a society obsessed with food, and our affection for gluttonous media tells us so.

We watch cooking show contestants create themed desserts from pounds of sheet cake and gobs of frosting, and people tackle the world’s most daunting food challenges like in Man vs. Food. We click on viral food videos where cooks dye, fry or sugarcoat all of our favourite childhood snacks in less than a minute.

Mukbang (pronounced “muck-bong”) is a natural extension of this obsession. The mukbang genre, which originated in South Korea, involves the host eating a large meal on camera for an audiovisual binge-eating experience. Mukbang allows you to vicariously enjoy an egregious amount of food without guilt, and it completely departs from the neat portions and trendy food photos on Instagram…

Image courtesy of Quang Tran

April 23, 2019 — 11:25

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