Epik High Used Sleeplessness To Fuel Their Latest, Mesmerizing Album — Buzzfeed

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— by Sarah Han: They’ve been making powerful, empathetic music since 2003, but 2019 is in some ways a new beginning for them.

Do you have trouble sleeping? You do? Me too. And so do the three talented men who make up Epik High. It’s a universal experience, and one that inspired their latest album, Sleepless in _______.

For Epik High, the (intentional) blank would usually filled in with “Seoul,” but for listeners, it’s wherever you are. To pronounce it, Tablo explains, “You have to pretend that you have a pencil in your hand and it’s going across the page *makes zip-like noise*.” …

Image courtesy of Epik High

April 25, 2019 — 20:25


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