Butt Play: How Kunihiko Ikuhara Crafted the Weirdest, Most Wonderful Anime About Adolescence — The Ringer

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— by Justin Charity: Since the anime phenomenon Sailor Moon, Kunihiko Ikuhara has crafted stories about young women who confront great challenges through magical transformation. Ikuhara’s new TV series, Sarazanmai, follows three young boys—the uptight Kazuki, the delinquent Toi, and the dweeby Enta—after Kazuki and Toi shatter a kappa statue in the historic Tokyo district of Asakusa. Kazuki’s grandmother briefly explains the relevant Japanese folklore: Kappa are mischievous amphibians which devour cucumbers as well as shirikodama, a mythical human organ said to reside within the anus. Revisiting the shattered statue, the boys encounter the imperious kappa prince, Keppi, who transforms the frightened young men into kappa. Keppi tells the boys they might restore their humanity by defeating a kappa zombie, and so the boys battle a surreal monstrosity…

Image courtesy of The Ringer/MAPPA/Lapin Track

April 22, 2019 — 05:50 EDT

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