3 Simple Ways to Discover Japan’s Unique Food Culture — Gaijinpot

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— by Audrey Foo: Let Japan and its unique culture of food blow your mind — and your senses — with amazing “konbini,” exclusive “ekiben” and subterranean “depachika.”

From fine dining to mom-and-pop diners, Japan’s unique food culture represents an eater’s paradise renowned for its transcendental experiences. Its delicious terrain has been explored by culinary icons like Anthony Bourdain and mined by gourmet publications like the Michelin Guide.

Occasionally though, I’m frustrated by its big cities with eateries secreted away in 10-storey towers. I tire of wrestling with Google Maps. I’ve circled madly and emerged from mazes of subway lines, only to be greeted with a cryptic, curt: “Head north.” Thanks Google, I don’t have a natural sense of direction…

Image courtesy of Gaijinpot/Audrey Foo

April 19, 2019


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