‘The Story of Hong Gil-dong’ written in Chinese characters discovered — The Dong-A Ilbo

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— by Jong-yeob Jo: “The Story of Hong Gil-dong” written some 400 years ago in Chinese characters has been discovered in the novel “The Autobiography of Roh Hyeok.” It is drawing attention as it supports the argument that the original writer of “The Story of Hong Gil-dong” is not Heo Gyun (1569~1618).

In his paper to be published next month, Lee Yoon-seok, honorary professor at Yonsei University, wrote, “’The Autobiography of Roh Hyeok’ is a short historical story that is written in Chinese characters. ‘The Story of Hong Gil-dong’ believed to be written by Heo Gyun, who was born 19 years earlier than the writer of ‘The Autobiography of Roh Hyeok,’ had similar story and format as ‘The Autobiography of Roh Hyeok.’” Professor Lee said a man named Cho Bong-rae living in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province provided him with the newly discovered novel…

Image courtesy of The Dong-A Ilbo

April 25, 2019 — 07:46


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