Evolution of World’s Second-largest Language Family Began 6,000 Years Ago — Newsweek

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— by Kashmira Gander: Some 1.5 billion people across the world speak one of the Sino-Tibetan languages, a family of languages linguists believe originated in Asia almost 6,000 years ago. 

The Sino-Tibetan family is made up of more than 400 languages and dialects, including Chinese, Tibetan and Burmese. That makes it the second most commonly spoken set of languages, after Indo-European, which includes English, Armenian and Italian. For years, linguists have debated the origins of the Sino-Tibetan tongue, and how the different but related languages emerged. The dominating arguments are split into the northern-origin and the southwestern-origin hypotheses…

Image courtesy of LSD (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

April 24, 2019 — 13:10 EDT


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