Why You Need to Experience Kagura, Japan’s Oldest Performance Art — Gaijinpot

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— by Randiah Camille Green: When demons invite you to dance, you obviously say yes.

I almost forgot these were performers and not actual beings that had crawled out from the pits of Japanese hell as they stomped around menacingly. Cymbals crashed and frantic drums filled the room, my heartbeat speeding up to match the rhythm.

But they are indeed performers – three men performing a traditional demon dance, Iwami Kagura to be exact. I had the pleasure of witnessing this killer local performance art while visiting Oda, Shimane Prefecture. A local group based in the little known prefecture, next to Hiroshima, was gracious enough to let us sit in on their practice…

Image courtesy of Gaijinpot/Randiah Camille Green

April 17, 2019


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