‘Poet On A Business Trip’: An Offbeat Odyssey Through Xinjiang With Poetry — SupChina

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— by Tristan Shaw: For a country that’s produced poets with lives as colorful and dramatic as the ones led by Li Bai 李白 and Hai Zi 海子, there’s a disappointing lack of movies about poets and poetry in China. What few biopics there are, such as a 1998 retelling of the turbulent life of Misty Poet Gu Cheng 顾城, have been lousy and forgettable. In honor of National Poetry Month, however, there is at least one poetry-related Chinese film worth watching. It’s definitely offbeat, and the poet it follows is completely obscure, but Ju Anqi’s 雎安奇 Poet on a Business Trip 诗人出差了might just be the best (and only) poet-docufiction-road movie ever made…

Image courtesy of Ju Anqi

April 19, 2019


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