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— by Charlotte Irwin: Yushi Li stares into the chest of the naked man she is skipping with. His elevated penis mirrors her in-flight ponytail, but a fully-dressed Li seems preoccupied, and her tensed hand around the shutter release reveals the reality. She is the photographer, he is a stranger, and this intimate scene is her creation.

The image comes from Your Reservation Is Confirmed, the follow up to Yushi’s series My Tinder Boys in which the Chinese photographer asked 300 men over Tinder if she could take their image, of which 15 agreed. Seeking to “question the idea and the accessibility of intimacy in the current internet age”, Yushi used modern technology to find her subjects, before shooting them using analog film in domestic scenes. The resulting photographs feel both intimate and alien…

April 12, 2019 — 07:15am