The film is a reminder of the potential of these films before they became weighed down by blockbuster-ready excesses.

by Jake Cole

Though part of the Ip Man series, Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy doesn’t feature the eponymous Wing Chun master. Instead, the film follows Cheung Tin Chi (Max Zhang), who challenged Ip for the right to call himself grandmaster of Wing Chun in Ip Man 3. Portrayed in that film as a vicious, unscrupulous fighter greedy for fame, Cheung is humbled by defeat here, so ashamed of his loss and the hubris that led to it that he gives up martial arts and opens a grocery store. But as these things must go in action films, Cheung is eventually called back to fight, albeit this time for altruistic reasons and not for personal glory…

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Image courtesy of Well Go USA

April 07, 2019