This Startup Designed Its Broadcast Device For Sports, Then It Wound Up In The Operating Room — Forbes

by Suzie Dundas

“I needed to come back from the mountains and get a job.”

That’s how Takahiro Miyasaka, 34, describes the motivation behind his decision to leave the world of snowboarding and enter the corporate world of consulting. While attending the University of Tokyo, Miyasaka lived a life centered around snowboarding, spending every weekend flying from the northern to southern hemispheres in search of snow. But once he married and started a family, he decided he needed a more location-dependent lifestyle.

That’s when he began working in the Tokyo office of Boston Consulting Group, a multinational management consulting firm. There, he met Yuta Narasaki, 31, with whom he founded Bonx, Inc. in November 2014. Their first product is the Bonx Grip, an over-the-ear device that allows groups of up to 10 people to talk to each other hands-free over any distance or range. When one person speaks, the device will automatically broadcast that message to everyone on the line while pausing any audio a user might be playing…

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Image courtesy of Bonx, Inc.

April 08, 2019 — 07:00am

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