Lush is celebrating 30 years of the bath bomb with its biggest launch yet — Stylist

by Georgia Drew

For its 30th anniversary, Lush has launched 54 new products ready to be dropped into bath tubs up and down the country.

Lush’s bath bombs have officially turned 30, and the brand is celebrating with one of its biggest launches yet.

Over the last three decades, Lush has shaped the face of the handmade, cruelty-free beauty sector and grown exponentially into the juggernaut it is today. At some point, most of us have come into contact with the brand be it attending one of their epic birthday parties or being given one of their extravagant gift sets. Their bath bombs are arguably an institution.

… To celebrate the big 3-0, Lush is releasing a staggering 54 new bath bombs, some of which are completely new inventions, while others feature fan fave scents and “blasts from the Lush past”.

Lush shops up and down the country will each be given creative license to choose from those 54 the products they think their customers will love the most. Don’t panic – you won’t be stuck with the same choices forever – the shops will be given the choice to change their picks on a regular basis for customers to try out…

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Image courtesy of Lush

April 05, 2019

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