by Scott Lynch

It may still be operating in “soft-open” mode—the first night of service was just last Monday, and it hit with almost no hype—but Jiang Diner’s promise of cumin-infused Northwest Chinese cooking has so far proven a powerful lure among East Village locals. On both of my visits to the freshly-painted space over the weekend every table was full by about 6 p.m. And this without the heavy pedestrian traffic on the avenues: Jiang Diner’s most prominent neighbor on East 5th Street is the NYPD’s Ninth Precinct.

The dining room here is modest, with seating for about 28 at an assortment of chairs, backless stools, and a long bench along the raw brick wall. A semi-enclosed kitchen carves out a chunk of the layout, and the tables are, in standard NYC fashion, packed in tight enough to make you hesitate getting up for a mid-meal bathroom break. Bright red accents and a trio of hanging prints—one whimsical, two more traditional—complete the unassuming but reasonably stylish decor…

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Image courtesy of Gothamist/Scott Lynch

April 09, 2019 — 12:35pm EDT