The Best Places To Shop For K-Beauty In The UK — Vogue

No more interminable shipping times, confusing currency conversion or disappointment at the checkout – all of these sites bring the best of Korean beauty to your door

by Daniela Morosini

It’s a heartbreaking tale we all know too well. You hear of an über-cool, must-try K-Beauty brand and excitedly start making your mental shopping list of everything you’re going to buy. Except, when you come to try and place an order, the website keeps flickering between different languages.

You’re trying to convert dollars or South Korean won to pounds, while calculating exactly which month your order will arrive, and suddenly, at checkout, you have to pay an eye-watering delivery fee. You give up.

Fortunately, there’s now a handful of UK-based businesses that take all of the legwork out of shopping for Korean beauty. They’ve hand-selected the nichest of the niche, giving you the power to finally order as much TonyMoly and Laneige as you wish, without fear of an astronomical customs charge landing in your lap. Here’s Vogue’s edit of the best to try now…

Reblogged from Vogue

Image courtesy of Etude House

April 08, 2019

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