by Ong Wen Xin and Tan Thiam Peng

Now you see it, now you don’t

Popular Chinese survival audition show Idol Producer suddenly went off air midway through this second season.

When it returned the following week, gone were the colourful dyed hair of its many contestants competing to be China’s next big thing.

Filling the screens were now black and dark brown hair, with eagle-eyed viewers spotting other editing tricks they believe were employed by producers IQiyi to satisfy the country’s tightening media regulations.

Fans should have seen this coming.

In a departure from its pilot season – and certainly from South Korea’s Produce 101 on which it’s based – Idol Producer 2 has openly touted “social responsibility” among the qualities it’s looking for in the next boy group it eventually forms…

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Image courtesy of iQiyi

April 03, 2019