Indonesia’s ‘Rebel Riders’ Get Creative In Worship Of Vespas — National Geographic

See the wild, customized creations of Indonesia’s ‘rebel riders’

Here, scooters aren’t just a mode of transportation—they’re a form of self expression

by Maria De La Guardia

The streets of Indonesia teem with two-wheelers, pulsing through dense traffic in the thick, tropical climate. In a country where more than 85 percent of the population owns a scooter, Indonesia has one of the largest Vespa enthusiast communities in the world—second only to Italy.

“Everyone knows about the Vespa, but those who are not in the community do not understand who we are and what we are doing,” says Vespa enthusiast Delvis, better known by his street name: Blake Sharon.

For this group, the Vespa is not just a bike, but a lifestyle. It’s an extension of personality–an exaggerated form of self-expression…

Reblogged from National Geographic

Image courtesy of National Geographic/Muhammad Fadli

April 04, 2019

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