‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Series Finale: Aline Brosh McKenna & Rachel Bloom Talk Unexpected Ending And Broadway Future — Deadline

by Dino-Ray Ramos

It’s time to say goodbye to West Covina — at least for now. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season finale aired tonight and instead of going out with a full-out musical number with a fanfare of joy, creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna delivered an intimate show that played like a love letter to fans while celebrating the unique storytelling and heroine of the CW comedy. But if you are looking for a party, don’t worry. The CW aired Yes, It’s Really Us Singing: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Concert Special! after the finale which was essentially a wrap party for everyone to celebrate the show.

Yes, the finale had its fair share of quirks expected from Bloom’s Rebecca Bunch, but it was thoughtful and heartwarming — like saying goodbye to your best friend who was a drama geek in high school. McKenna, who co-wrote the episode with Bloom, also directed the finale titled “I’m In Love” which was supposed to tell us who Rebecca ended up with: Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) or Greg (Skylar Astin). It’s very reminiscent of the time when Felicity had to choose between Ben and Noel — except a lot more musical…

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Image courtesy of The CW

April 05, 2019 — 6:00pm

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