Chasing the Enchanting Cherry Blossoms in South Korea

by Irvin Hanni

Excited at the prospect of celebrating spring in South Korea, I flew to Busan with much hope of finding the perfect cherry blossom tree to photograph.

Pink, delicate, and with a hint of magic that seem to escape the ordinary eyes. The sight of cherry blossoms would not disappoint even the grumpiest of people. It has been cited that the early cherry strain first originated in the Himalayas, and was distributed to a few destinations in the Northern Hemisphere including South Korea, Japan, Canada, America, and some European countries.

In South Korea, the King Cherry strain is native to Jeju Island, the starting point of the country’s spring season before moving upwards north. Though it is popularly called sakura in the Japanese language, the official scientific name is Prunus. The Koreans called it beot kkot, which translates to cherry flowers…

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Image courtesy of The Asean Post/Irvin Hanni

April 02, 2019