Meet Stirfryboyz: California-Asian Boyband With A Lo-Fi-Hip-Hop-Bedroom-Pop-Chillwave Feel – Rhyme Junkie

Stirfryboyz interview: Who they are and why you should care

by Gregory Gagliardi

The Stirfryboyz are a product of a deep internet dive. Alone in my room, I sat, with nothing more than a laptop, coffee, unrolled cigarettes, and dirty clothes. My morning routine was beginning.

However, the music was missing. A couple of clicks later, Stirfryboyz came across my screen. Sunday, their debut song, was generating a buzz online, instantly clicked. I was hooked, not only did it sound fantastic, but it was mood music.

From that moment, Stirfryboyz became an integral part of my mourning routine. So far, the self-proclaimed “Asian Boyband” have released 3 songs, all of which I thoroughly enjoy, and am convinced you will too. Below is the interview with the young California collective…

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Image courtesy of Rhyme Junkie

April 02, 2019

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