L’Usine Is Ho Chi Minh’s Go-To Venue For Dining, Gifts And Luxury Pantry Food – Viet Nam News

L’Usine: a “three in one” destination

A concept bar-art gallery-cafe that offers casual fine dining along with clothing, handmade handbags, imported houseware and fine Vietnamese condiments has been a favourite spot for diners in HCM City for nine years.


Aside from its fine food and drinks, L’Usine has become well-known among city connoisseurs for its “three in one” concept that offers a one-stop destination with a bar, an art gallery and restaurant.

Located at 19 Lê Thánh Tôn Street, one of the restaurant hubs in downtown HCM City, in a four storey building of French colonial style, L’Usine has a seating capacity of 150 visitors.

The classic building is designed into three main parts: a dining area, a bar and a fashion store for showing and selling pantry consignment items…

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April 07, 2019 — 09:14am Vietnam

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