Tackling taboos at the North Shore Writers Festival

Sobriety, divorce, schizophrenia… no topic is off-limits for the vibrant lineup at this weekend’s celebration of the written word

by Paula Carlson

… In The Woo-Woo, Lindsay Wong brashly tackles the surreal life of her Chinese-Canadian family, complete with references to Hongcouver, the push to academically succeed and make more money, and supernatural beliefs. Wong has been praised for her bold, funny, yet heartbreaking look at mental illness, which her family blames on ghosts – the “woo-woo.”

Wong believes the written word can shine a powerful light in families’ dark corners.

“Writing is so important, because [for example] we, as a Chinese-Canadian culture, we tend to be really secretive and careful about outsiders,” Wong tells the North Shore News, “and it also doesn’t help that we’re a conservative culture on many levels. So talking about these things is important.”…

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Image courtesy of North Shore News

April 04, 2019 02:31pm