Daniel Dae Kim reflects on his path to Hellboy and beyond

He may be starring in Hellboy (opens April 12), but the veteran actor-producer is enjoying a heavenly time in Hollywood, thanks to new roles and his hit The Good Doctor on ABC

by Chancellor Agard

Daniel Dae Kim believes in fate — at least when it comes to his role in Hellboy, Neil Marshall’s dark and violent reboot of the film franchise. “I felt in some ways like it was destined, and I use that word really hesitantly because I don’t mean it to sound like it’s delusions of grandeur,” says the 50-year-old Lost alum with a laugh.

In July 2017, Kim departed his role as Det. Chin Ho Kelly on CBS’s crime procedural Hawaii Five-0 after seven seasons; contract negotiations broke down when Kim reportedly asked for pay parity with the show’s leads. At the time, he said he made the difficult decision to “maintain a steadfast sense of your self-worth.” Then in August 2017, Deadpool actor Ed Skrein was cast as Maj. Ben Daimio in Hellboy, a choice that drew severe backlash since the character is Japanese-American in the Dark Horse comic series upon which the movie is based. In the wake of the whitewashing controversy, Skrein stepped down. Three weeks later, Kim was Daimio, an uptight monster hunter who works for a secret government organization that monitors the supernatural. Even though Daimio despises creatures, he’s forced to work with the rule-breaking half-demon Hellboy (David Harbour) to stop Nimue (Milla Jovovich), the Queen of Blood, from kick-starting the apocalypse…

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April 01, 2019 at 03:21 PM EDT