by Sophie Prideaux

The Korean beauty regime is a painstaking art form. If reports are to be believed, it takes two full hours of prepping, cleansing, toning and application before women in South Korea feel ready to face the world. The laborious 10-step skin care routine has provoked intrigue, marvel and imitation from women around the world, many of whom yearn to recreate the “glass skin” look it promises.

The UAE shares Korea’s fascination with cosmetics and skincare. Malls are filled with beauty boutiques boasting the latest miracle products; the country’s cosmetic clinics attract both local and global patrons; and some of the world’s most successful beauty influencers hail from these shores.

K-beauty’s arrival in the Emirates was inevitable and embraced by beauty-­lovers – snail-slime facials and all. But, as the UAE, and the rest of the world, welcome K-beauty with open arms, a legion of women in South Korea are saying good riddance…

Reblogged from The National

April 04, 2019