Leading toy maker in Japan releases DIY mayo-making machines – SoraNews24

We take the Ultimate MYO for a spin and see if it truly is the limit of mayonnaise makers

by Master Blaster

It should come as no surprise that Japan by and large loves mayonnaise. The tangy condiment has its own museum and pop-up cafe in celebration of the mild yet sharp flavor it adds to anything from pizza to melon.

But for us culinary laymen and women its a mysterious substance, made by alchemists with years of training in the dark arts.

Luckily, Takara Tomy, the same company that brought us the Pikachu Pillow and figures of animals with really big chins, released the Ultimate MYO (Kyukyoku MYO) machine that allows even a butterfingers like our own K. Nagahashi to create fresh and delicious mayo…

Reblogged from SoraNews24

Image courtesy of SoraNews24

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