by Lottie Hulme

Imperial Treasure 9-10 Waterloo Place, St James’s, London SW1Y 4BE

I am a total sucker for a Chinese. It all began when I was younger, circa eight years old, and my parents ordered me my first one from our local shop, lemon chicken and egg fried rice being the order of the day. Little did I know that I’d be eagerly ordering lemon chicken for years to come – you know how it is, when you’re having Chinese you peruse the menu for all of two minutes but you always, yes always, venture back to your trusty favourite. That was until I got older and with it, I like to think, my palette matured too.

So, going down to Imperial Treasure, which opened in December 2018, was a treat from the off and even more so when we reached the grand front doors of the Grade II-listed building, previously Lloyd’s Bank, on St James’s Waterloo Place.

Sitting down at our white-clothed table, I was quick to notice the grandiose nature of this elaborate building. Interiors remain classy but promote tinges of orangey-yellows, offset by dark wooden panels, throughout. In Chinese culture yellow symbolises royalty and, when viewed through an ancient lens, it is perhaps the most important colour. High ceilings and a large centrepiece bar paints the restaurant in a very regal light…

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