Restaurant review: WowYauChow, Stamford New Road, Altrincham – Altrincham Today

[…] so I was excited to hear that the fabulously named WowYauChow is the latest eatery to hit the Altrincham high street, promising a ‘diverse menu of British Chinese favourites and Chinese street food’.

The first thing that strikes is how ‘fun’ the aesthetics are, from their use of bold, beautiful colours, to the logo depicting the shade-wearing Maneki-neko (thank you Google) aka the fortune cat, and the art-laden walls featuring prints from Manchester’s own Stanley Chow.

Evidently taken very seriously, however, is the food. A perfectly sized menu offers Small Plates such as a quartet of furies (oh yes) – wings, tenders, ribs and prawns all treated to a salt and pepper chilli dressing, and the excellently named terracotta soldiers (prawn toast). In addition to British Chinese mains including favourites such as crispy chilli beef, sweet and sour chicken and prawn szechuan, street food favourites such as Bao enjoy their own section. I can think of no finer description of this food type than that used on the menu – steamed, soft, pillowy buns…

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Image courtesy of Altrincham Today

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