[Female First Exclusive] A day in the life of author Zen Cho

by Zen Cho

I love reading “day in the life” pieces. It’s amazing how many people in the world eat yoghurt for breakfast and train for marathons in their lunch hour. I’m fairly lazy for an ambitious person, so though I have two often demanding jobs, I try to build in lots of time for joyful purposelessness.

I went part-time at my day job as a corporate lawyer when I got my book deal. On my law job days, I wake up reluctantly at 8am and eventually extract myself from bed around 8.30am, rolling into the office for 9.30am. Breakfast is porridge with a banana sliced into it or peanut butter on toast plus an easy peel orange. (I’m not sure why anyone bothers with normal oranges when clementines exist.)…

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