A Musical Ode To A ‘Martyr In Mao’s China’ – WUNC

by Laura Pellicer & Frank Stasio

Lin Zhao was a poet and journalist who was arrested as a political dissident during the Mao Zedong regime in China. She stands as the only known Chinese citizen to have openly and steadily opposed Mao’s communism, an opposition rooted in her Christian faith. After her arrest, she dedicated her time in prison to writing letters and poems, sometimes in her own blood, in opposition of the regime.

The first non-fiction retelling of her story is captured in Duke professor Xi Lian’s book: “Blood Letters: The Untold Story of Lin Zhao, A Martyr in Mao’s China” (Basic Books/ 2018). That book has since inspired the musical composition “Elegy,” from composer Lu Pei, which will make its world premiere in North Carolina this Friday, March 29 at Duke University’s Goodson Chapel…

Reblogged from WUNC

Image courtesy of Basic Books

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