by Luke Robertson

It’s a simple concept. Soft white bread, Panko-crumbed fried meat, mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce. In Japan it’s known as a katsu sando and it’s found in all sorts of places, from vending machines to restaurants.

Katsu sandos are already dominating Instagram feeds. Cutler & Co does an abalone version, The Moon has a pork one, Belles Hot Chicken is doing a chicken version until the end of this month, and now there’s Saint Dreux.

From the team that created Slater Street Bench and 580 Bench, Saint Dreux is a slick-looking operation. Glowing white LED panels with a charcoal-black service area are reminiscent of something out of a sci-fi film, which co-owner Joshua Crasti says is all about creating something “simple and elegant”. The design was inspired Japanese Shoji screens that Crasti, an architect, worked on with his employer Arkhe Tekhne…

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